Things to Avoid on a Diaper Bag

Tuesday, July 18th 2017. | Baby

Stylish-Insular-Diaper-BagsDiaper bag is one of the most important things for a parent with baby. Your entire baby needs (and yours absolutely) are packed inside this bag. The problem for you is how to take care of this bag so it will be more durable and long lasting. Here are several things that you need to avoid to happen to your bag.

  1. Rough Use

Rough usage makes your lovely bag damaged more quickly. Damages may occur in its fabric, which may be scratched or even ripped. In addition, the opening part such as zipper or magnet pin may be damaged or loosen when you use it roughly.

  1. Clean the Diaper Bag in the Wrong Way

When you purchased it, it was usually completed with cleaning instructions for customers to follow. Each fabric has a different way of cleaning. Some can be cleaned by washing it, such as cotton and canvas base. There is also fabric that only needs to be wiped with special cleaning kit, such as Polyurethane leather. If you do not follow the instructions on how to clean it, it will damage your bag.

  1. Leaving It in the Open Air for a Long Time

If not in use, the bag should be kept in a closed room and dry air. Do not store it in the open air especially in high humidity. This condition will speed up the damage of your bag and it cannot be fixed again.

A good maintenance is the absolute thing to do in keeping the bag durable and preventing damage. Pay attention to the maintenance instructions that are recommended by its manufacturer so it can be used any time. Proper use is also important for parents to implement. Avoid those things above on your diaper bag to be able to wear it longer.