The Transformation Of An Old House, Moist

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The Transformation Of An Old House, Moist

The main reason for the success of the ideas of books that feature a before and after design, is undoubtedly the feeling of awe that causes see the magical transformation of the environments. The turn of the dilapidated houses in new environments, modern and functional, however, is as exciting and challenging. Although it is the end result to make us fall in love, the real work is hidden during the creation process, when the competence and imagination blend together magically.

Today’s project comes from the north of London, and is signed The Lady Builder, a group of contractors who renovated a dilapidated building into a splendid residence. Do not believe us Follow us on this virtual trip!

First a run-down environment


Here we are in what was to be the bedroom. The space seems almost derelict. The floor is covered with a worn-out carpet and full of rubble. The space, however small, seems sufficient for its purpose, but needed a general renovation. What jars more The contrast between the white walls and dark floor!

After a stylish bedroom


Who would have thought that so marred the room would then be transformed into a bedroom so cozy! Now the environment transmits relaxation and serenity, and this also thanks to the use of neutral colors, contrasting prints driver and delicate fabrics. Just think of pillows placed under those lines of velvet, or three paintings hung above the headboard. The window has been accompanied by a tent made with the same fabric of the cushions, while the two lampshades illuminate the space.

First an old man and full of mold bathroom

The bathroom was wrapped in dark and sad atmosphere, dominated by a huge mold stain in the ceiling and surrounded by terrible white tiles that over time have obviously suffered poor maintenance. The joints between the tiles are indeed dirty and filthy, while health and old-fashioned.

After a modern bathroom and trendy

The new bathroom on the other hand, gives more the idea of ??an exclusive spa and great attention to detail. The dark furnishings and light gray tiles go wonderfully well with white sanitary ware, while the large mirror on the wall gives the room depth and light. Instead there where before there was a great plague of leprosy is a skylight was open, so as to make sure that the room receives light as possible.