Stella Jean Anticipates The Aesthetics Of The Company 3.0 With Its Cultural Hybridity

Wednesday, July 26th 2017. | Fashion

Stella Jean Anticipates The Aesthetics Of The Company 3.0 With Its Cultural Hybridity

The shapes and colors of the garments are nothing but various degrees of geographical latitude and the most diverse traditions, and represent variables, opposing cultures and sometimes in opposition can discuss in the same look. The theory of cultural hybridity is at the base of the collection A / W 2016-2017 Stella Jean.


The models chosen to wear the garments in the collection are the first tangible sign, Métis men are the result of cultural crossings that is impossible to guess the nationality Second and third generations identified by numeral adjectives like to highlight the certificate of pedigree 3.0. All this is not to confuse, but to train the inevitable new generations of mixed race, mestizo reality perfectly represented by the collection.

Witnesses and effect fertility contamination, Stella Jean men wearing ponchos and coats, dress shirts and neck Korean, mixing Italian sartorial rigor motifs Ndebele South African and equipping those watching and listening to the instruments needed to metabolize the paradox that the resulting of this equation is an equality in which the only constant is the variable (diversity).

The ideal of an “pure”, compact and free of shades is openly boycotted as well as the absolute presumption that support more predictive of absolute correlation between certain physical features and geographical origin.

A conversion concept in favor of a much more complex, unthinkable fruit of many intersections: is “identity-crossroads” in which the thorny issue of membership can no longer be trivially ghettoed to the physiognomy, but must be bound to the spaces where It has grown and has been “socialized”, from those scattered places that have marked the biography of each. Diversity as a necessary function of social evolution in the prospect of a new, forward-looking and kaleidoscopic cultural richness.

Perfect personification of this vision is Dikele Antonio Distefano, author of the literary event of the year with its “raining outside, inside as well, pick you up?”. Antonio is an Italian boy of 23 years, black Busto Arsizio, sample sales with a book on the disenchanted view diversity as a convenience, no need to keep repeating that we are all equal, because “we are all equal, but everyone can do it in the same way”.

An ambitious project that combines the atmosphere clubbing with the suggestions of the Richmond brand, created by gifted the eclectic mind and the creative genius of Xavier Moschillo who personally followed the evolution of this idea since 2007.