Small Kitchens, How To Organize And Decorate The Best A Mini Space

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Small Kitchens, How To Organize And Decorate The Best A Mini Space

Small kitchens: how to organize and furnish a mini! Furnish a kitchen in a small space is not always easy, especially if you live in studios, where there is not much opportunity to have large spaces available. Fortunately, the space-saving ideas for this place in the house is no shortage and with a few simple precautions you can also have a small kitchen where you can prepare your own dishes! Then discover how to maximize space in the kitchen!

The kitchen is the room of the house where you spend the most time, so this place must be furnished with special care and attention In particular, a small kitchen has to be functional and comfortable, as well as beautiful and livable. But how do they furnish it better having little space available? First, in a mini kitchen you will choose multifunctional furniture and you will have to try to keep only the objects and appliances necessary and useful to their needs. Installed, then the comfortable shelves in the kitchen, where to place the containers and cans, but also pots for cooking food, dishes, supplies and small appliances. If there is plenty of room for the furniture, you can also use hooks or rods to hang your pots and crockery.

Even a cart or shelf will allow you to make the most of the space available, with the baskets for placing objects and smaller accessories. Also, there is not much space for cabinets and drawers, you can always opt for other useful storage solutions, such as rail and wall enclosures, but also comfortable stools for the kitchen.

For added warmth to a mini kitchen, focus also on lighting and suitable colors. For a small kitchen, the colors most suitable for the walls may be light or bright ones such as light yellow, sky blue, light gray or white light. The important thing is not always use the same color, but combine the right colors to visually increase the space small. Even the right lighting of the room, make the environment of the small kitchen much more welcoming: you can install the windows of transparent curtains to allow light to enter and illuminate the room, or you can put the spotlights or even put lights inside kitchen counters.

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