Rockabilly Style, The Retro Trend Of 2014

Sunday, July 30th 2017. | Fashion

Rockabilly Style, The Retro Trend Of 2014

The rockabilly style, the inspirational retro style of 2014 inspired by the 1950s, is fascinating many girls who love fashion with retro influences from the past. If you like the fabulous fiftys and love to experiment with modern accessories, rockabilly style is what it takes for you.

The rockabilly look derives from the combination of a popular 1950s musical style that combines rock’n roll and bluegrass, as the name itself blends the two words ‘rock’ and ‘hillbilly’. As is often the case, every kind of music brings with it modes associated with music that affect the habits and customs of the society in which they develop  sevva. Let’s see together what are the key points for a rockabilly retro look, fashion trend of 2014.
1. Rockabilly clothing

What can not be missing in the closet for a rockabilly outfit

Dresses and tops in the 1950s, with heart-shaped neckties, tight bustiers in striped, floral or floral fantasy;
Skirts with high waist or wheelchairs, always with a fantasy in the off or in uniform, mostly red or black;
White and black or white and red quilted shirts, pulled out or short sleeves, worn with sleeveless sleeves, long, or knotted on the belly;
Leggings or high waist skinny jeans, if you like, twisted to three quarters;
Shoes with heels, All Star style sneakers better whether red or black, woven in straw hat, in uniform or fantasy;
Black short zip leather jacket, versatile on all types of outfits.

2. Rockabilly Hairstyle

One of the simplest and widespread women rockabilly cuts is the fringed bush with horse tail. Just tie your hair back and wrap your tail with a curler for a few seconds to give it a wavy effect. Then comb the fringe by pulling the ends down to create a bumpy effect. Often the fringe is even and very short and can be left naturally without a pompous effect. For a perfect rockabilly hairstyle, get a fancy colored bandana, better to print away, to tie in your hair with a beautiful bow for a really cool finish. If you love your loose hair, you can opt for a hairstyle that is curled, with a curled effect, with a really retro style 50’s. Finally, you can complete the hairstyle with a large flower in side, colored or fancy animal.