Meat Dishes Low Cost, The Best Products To Combat The Crisis By Eating Well

Monday, July 24th 2017. | Food & Beverage

Meat Dishes Low Cost, The Best Products To Combat The Crisis By Eating Well

Discover the cuisine of meat low cost, the best products to combat the crisis by eating well and so tasty. Much space to traditional cuisine is prepared in an exemplary manner simple ingredients to create dishes of meat good and cheap. By stew with boiled meat, through the tripe and the meatloaf, prepare the stomach because the best is yet to come!

The meat is usually not among the cheapest foods of the Mediterranean diet, but this is not always true: certain types and cuts of meat may surprise you for the quality and content of the budget, going to position itself among the anti-crisis dishes to try. Coldiretti Tuscany, given the particular socio-economic moment that the country is going through, has compiled a list of dishes meat low cost crisis which cost just seems to exceed the five euro for four servings.

It is a lot of traditional Tuscan recipes, often present with regional variations in many other areas of the peninsula, which recur with great joy for our palates on Italian tables. A return to origins, to those dishes that have been in the past strengths of the country tradition, and which are the pride of regional farms and trattorias.

At the top of the list we find the tripe dish typical of many regions, among which the Milanese tripe, also known as tripe, the Roman, Florentine, Neapolitan and Bolognese, each characterized by small regional variations. Busecca, for example, includes veal tripe stewed with beans, while tripe wants pillow mint and pecorino romano.

Always at the top of the top ten, tied, we are another traditional meat dish, the lamprey, Florentine recipe based abomaso, one of the four stomachs of cattle commonly called lamprey. The inzimino of lamprey and chickpeas is a variant of a typical tavern, while the lamprey in the sandwich is one of the most popular street foods of the Italian tradition.

Following the second step of the delicious veal cheek baked or fried, before one of the typical dishes of northern Italy: mixed boiled meat mixture into the base for cities and regions from different parts of the calf, like language, head, tail , bacon and muscle. Accompanied by green sauce, mustard and potatoes, mixed boiled remain a meat low cost really terrific for the cold season.