How to Teach a Women’s Self-Defense Class

Sunday, July 30th 2017. | Tips

In educating self-defense to girls it’s necessary to stress at the beginning that the tips we’ll be covering are tips. They aren’t iron clad, because each situation will differ, and girls need to assess for themselves if they have a fighting chance.

It’s also very important to stress that the fact that when a woman didn’t comply with some of those measures you’ll be teaching, they did not automatically do anything ‘wrong’. (There could be girls in your class which have been attacked before, and you do not need to seem as if you’re attacking their behaviour).

To be clear, it’s indeed a sad state of affairs that we even should tackle this topic. The sad reality is, there are plenty of sick people on the planet, and they encounter the small.

Nevertheless, below is some advice that girls can use to make them less inclined to become a victim of an attack.

1. Conduct business throughout the day, also avoid unlit areas at nighttime.

Girls are a lot more likely to be assaulted at night in regions that an assailant can easily conceal herself or himself. Always park close to your destination, also in well-lit places.

2. Traveling in groups.

2 girls are much less likely to be assaulted than one individual. The more the merrier, along with the likelihood of having assaulted drops radically

3. Constantly tell somebody where you’re going, and if they ought to expect one to arrive.

Time is of the essence if you’re abducted or hurt because of an attack.


This will permit you to enter your car faster, and they are sometimes utilized as a weapon if needed. Take them between your palms to attack with if needed.


This is essential in locating the bad man, and will help stop him from doing this again. There’s a fine line here. Inform them they see them, and know fo their existence, but a few men will require too much eye contact as an invitation.

6. Make as much noise as you can if you’re attacked.

You will never know who are close by that could assist you, and many attackers will flee whenever they believe that they could be captured.

7. Never allow someone move you.

8. Be conscious of your environment.

I always do so where I go.

9. Do not seem like a victim.

Normally, assailants start looking for people who’ll go smoothly rather than put up a struggle.

10. Do not wear expensive jewellery or showcase money in people.

Additionally, dress reasonably. Regrettably there are sick people out there which could be motivated to strike you depending upon what you are wearing. (Once more, it’s necessary to stress that this really is a sad fact, however, dressing provocatively doesn’t mean it’s OK for someone to strike them, it may lure someone that’s shaky).

11. Be in shape physically.

You’ll have a much greater prospect of surviving an assault if you’re able to fight HARD for over 30 minutes.

12. Be mentally ready to battle for your lifetime.

Decide beforehand that YOU Won’t BE A VICTIM. Be determined to break free from some other attacker-at all price.

13. Scratch

Leaving a mark in your attacker and using his DNA under your fingernails is beneficial in prosecuting the proper individual.

14. Bite

This isn’t a ‘Fair Fight’ utilize whatever tools you can to save yourself.

15. Search for items which may be utilized as weapons.

Use stones, sticks, and your handbag… ANYTHING that may enable you to get away.

16. RUN

You’re not in a struggle. If you can escape the circumstance, do this.

17. Search for, and assault inherent flaws.

MY eyeball is not any more powerful than yours. Poking that the eyeball is a good goal that will assist you get away. Other inherent flaws are:

A. Throat

B. Nose

C. Temple

D. Ear Drums

E. Solar Plexus

F. Groin

G. Shin

How to Teach a Women's Self-Defense Class

18. Strike correctly.

Practice hitting the first two knuckles, along with your wrist straight. Gain power by integrating your chest and your thighs.

Use knees and elbows, in addition to foot stomps and kicks.


Don’t take a weapon which you aren’t proficient in. Know about your surroundings if using pepper spray.

Wind can blow off pepper spray back into your own eyes, making YOU incapacitated.

20. Make a survivor

Mike Tyson once said, ‘Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face.’

Know that a physical altercation will be tough.

After you’ve gone over these hints, it’s great to start this up for people in the class to discuss a few of their thoughts.

1. At home never let somebody inside your house to use the telephone or for any other reason in case you’re home alone. Don’t participate in conversation.

2. Never tell someone on the telephone that you’re home alone

3. Never take a ride kind strangers

Don’t participate in conversation.

(OPTIONAL) Then, I take them through a two minute ‘warm-up’ stage in which I get them huffing and puffing from performing easy Jumping Jacks. I inform them that they were just going for 2 minutes, and they were just doing jumping jacks- not battling for their own lives… ‘look just how tired you’re.’ I urge them to enter some type of physical exercise program.