How To Keep Tomatoes 5 Ways To Enjoy Them All Year Round

Wednesday, July 26th 2017. | Food & Beverage

How To Keep Tomatoes 5 Ways To Enjoy Them All Year Round

How to save tomatoes 5 ways to enjoy them all year round save yourself simple and cheap, which will allow us to enjoy this summer vegetable throughout the year.

To exploit the full ripening of fresh summer tomatoes in the winter, creating homemade preserves is certainly an excellent idea as it saves us some money during the cold season and above all consumes a product Healthy and genuine. Tomatoes lend themselves to the preparation of many preserves, all tasty and different. Let’s look at some ways to preserve the tomatoes.
Tomatoes in the past

The easiest way to keep tomatoes is to reduce them in the past, to use to season first and second courses, but also to enrich vegetables such as green beans. The procedure for obtaining it is not particularly complicated, and it plans to carefully wash the tomatoes, depriving them of the petiole. They must then boil in boiling water for at least 15 minutes; Once they are drained, they must be deprived of peel and seeds and to do so quickly you can use a passaverdure. At this point, sterilize the glass jars and let the tomato sauce cool. When it is completely cold, pour it into jars, leaving at least one centimeter of space behind the cap. Close and boil the jars for further sterilization. The tomato paste, properly preserved, can last for two years.
Dried tomatoes

Tomatoes can be dried both in the open air and in the oven, but since we are in the summer and it is not the case to consume energy, we use the sun! The perfect tomatoes to be dried are medium-large ones, such as the San Marzano and, in addition to tomatoes, you need

Tight mesh net
Cotton cloth

Carefully scrub the tomatoes, peel the petiole and cut them in half; Put the net on a table, fixing it to make it fly away, and put the table in a sunny area of ??the garden or balcony. Lay tomatoes on the net, with the sun-fed flesh, and salt them. Never leave the tomatoes in the open air after sunset, but bring them home and cover them with clean cotton cloths and no detergent smells. Place the tomatoes in the sun again only when it is new day. The tomatoes will be ready after about two weeks; At this point, wash the tomatoes to remove the salt and, after drying them, bring them back to the sun for a couple of hours, laying on dry cloths. Now the tomatoes are ready.
Dried tomatoes in oil

After drying the tomatoes as described in the previous recipe, you can store them in oil, filling sterilized glass jars and cover them with extra virgin olive oil. You can add garlic or other aromas and spices to your liking.