How To Download Facebook Videos 4K Video Downloader

Friday, August 4th 2017. | Tips

How To Download Facebook Videos 4K Video Downloader

If you did not like the previous software we present another, heavier but at the same time more equipped to download Facebook, YouTube and many other video sharing services. With this software you can download video in all formats and in all qualities and resolutions, including the most advanced 4K and 3D video. It is also a program that while being completely free does not contain any advertising, no viruses, and no unwanted add-on software that is installed automatically on PC. It also includes an option to download playlists, and if you buy the advanced version of the program it is also possible to download the captured video including subtitles along with other additional features. Also available is a smart feature that allows you to apply the same download settings first selected for all videos.

To download the program you need to link to this page of the official 4K Video Downloader site and click Download. When the download is complete, click on the icon and start the installation, which will continue if you always click on Next and then click Finish when finished. Once you open the program you will need to use the Copy function to take the web address of the video on the browser bar and click the Paste link button on the program. The options will open when deciding on the format and whether you download the whole video or just audio. After you have selected these settings, the name and destination folder with the … button, you can click Download to download the video.

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