First, A Sweltering Kitchen

Wednesday, July 26th 2017. | Home

First, A Sweltering Kitchen

The old kitchen equipment infiacchivano the line of the same, not dynamic, so that people felt a sense of suffocation, do not conform to the modern lifestyle.

After an open-plan kitchen


After processing indolexa, the kitchen is still characterized by wood, laminate flooring, but has now an open line, the more light and spacious! The freshly cooked dishes can be placed directly on the bar shelf.


too many items

The problem every available space of the room was filled with objects, accessories, ornaments, resulting stuffy and cluttered.

The solution store excess items in a closet, preferring seasonal exhibition of small collections of your favorite items, to alternate regularly.

The suggestion homify it is better to live every day in comfortable and spacious atmosphere, which make scruples when it comes to having to store in a closet or close in a suitcase a few of your items. So do not be too many scruples.

Curtains too short

The problem you have chosen the curtains are too short, they do not come to the floor.

The solution very simple change them with curtains that come up to the floor, the room will seem much larger and the ceiling does not seem so low.

The suggestion homify always try to have the binary of the tents or the rod as close as possible to the same window, to make it appear the highest ceiling.

too much furniture

The problem one of the most common, the one cluttering with too much furniture an environment, so as to make it stuffy and difficult to use.

The solution find a new location to some of the furniture. For example, the chair so comfortable perhaps can find space in the bedroom, rather than in your living room, creating a small corner for reading and relaxing.

The suggestion homify careful to furniture that you place in front of the windows. Better to avoid those that are too high, blocking the view and flow of light, narrowing the space and its depth. The example of the chair is once again useful as we see in this image, its size is proportionate to the height of the window sill and the space is balanced.

low light

The problem you have just one point of light in the environment, which is so dark and oppressive.

The solution multiply the points of light. Add the floor lamps or table, so as to avoid little corners illuminated. So that there is a balanced distribution between artificial and natural light.

The suggestion homify can not find a solution Turn to the experts in the design of lighting systems.