Accel Worlds VS. Sword Art Online Review: Kirito is Faster, but Game is Boring

Saturday, July 22nd 2017. | Anime

I have never played a game that’s consequently laser-focused on its fans. Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight really has learned its potential audience. I’m fairly informed about Sword Art Online, having watched every single episode of the anime series so far, even reading several the novels. In research for this review, I enjoyed several episodes of Accel World to obtain a truly feel for its characters and scenario.

It was perhaps the good thing I did for the game doesn’t bother much with exposition or backstory. If you happen to not familiar with Kirito or with Haruyuki, you’re not presented a lot of an explanation as to how they became into the people they’ve turn out to be. Well, the character designs still show him wearing Kirito’s jacket in ALo, while Haruyuki was seen wearing his usual armor. Certainly, that’s okay, as the basic idea of the story appears like fan fiction anyway.

Accel Worlds VS. Sword Art Online Review Kirito is Faster, but Game is Boring

Accel World vs Sword Art Online has great plot, but the most engaging story will mean little without thrilling gameplay, and gameplay is where that game truly does a great job. Although the controls are complicated, and the granularity with which you may equip items and determine special moves to button combos is a little mind-boggling. From the start, your characters can take flight any place they want, as long as they want. Certainly, parts of the game world are cordoned off until several circumstances are met in the story, but the actual freedom to fly any place is extremely good.

The battle is fast and rigorous, not without the need of its troubles, but entertaining enough to remain me playing. It could take another review’s worth of writing to totally describe every part of the battle, but here i will discuss the highlights. Your characters study numerous special techniques, that could be assigned to instant action combinations. Holding R1 and pressing Square, for instance, could be set to execute a dashing slash move with Kirito — or whatever move you decide on.

Fighting enemies with a range of special techniques, without a break, makes a multiplier that boosts damage given. Also found and extremely useful in boss fights is the complex Sword Art Online Switch maneuver. Generally, undertaking a Switch attack kicks another character in as soon as you to begin dealing large damage, starting at twice your standard power. Combining Switch techniques with chaining specials is critical to taking down many of the tougher bosses.