20 Cheats to Maximize Space in Your Small House

Thursday, July 27th 2017. | Home

20 Cheats to Maximize Space in Your Small House

In the world of design and furnishings, an important role takes on the perception and management of space; Making a room look bigger or just making the most of the available space has become one of the great challenges faced by professionals if we consider the best solutions for small homes.

On many occasions, it is difficult and costly to widen the space with reforms or interventions on the structure of the home https://www.solasbars.com. However, optimizing only the available surface is easier than you think and, to prove it, in this book of ideas we present you a dozen tricks for every corner of the house; Note that these tips can become a valuable resource in the service of your space needs.

Compact furniture

When available sizes are not so generous, compact furniture is our best allies. A sofa bed, a folding dining table or a multifunctional cupboard will make up most of the space in a small home.

Optical illusions

Deceiving the eye is one of the most effective resources when we want space to look bigger. It will be enough to dress a bedroom wall or any other room of the house with a wallpaper that can create an optical illusion.

Order and organization

One of the key pillars to discuss the use of space has to do with its organization. In the kitchen, for example, order is critical and therefore one of the best ways to keep it is to wager on a functional mobile that saves space while keeping everything organized perfectly.

Take advantage of the vertical space

Using space in space is one of the most successful tricks to implement when we need to weigh space in a small home. If your kids have to share the bedroom or do not know how to distribute the bed and desk, these solutions are a great alternative to traditional systems.

Large windows

Natural light to maximize spatial perception is a classic amongst the solutions to magnify an environment. Small homes with large windows are a guarantee of aesthetic success in gaining visual amenity.


The surface of the walls is ideal for organizing a shelving that accommodates all kinds of objects and items in any room of the home as small as it may be. Shelves are certainly a resource to consider when using space in your home is limited.

The perimeter distribution

When it comes to transmitting a greater sense of spaciousness, furniture distribution will be decisive. If you want to make your stay bigger, place your chairs along the perimeter of the room. You can get a free and airy central space.